Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Knife Loadout

by admin on March 7, 2013

Black Ops 2 Knife LoadoutThis post will give you a weapon loadout that you can use for a bit of fun or if you are getting bored with Black Ops 2. We are going to use the knife primarily and as many perks as we can to make us as fast as possible.

Here is the loadout:

As you can see in the video we are not picking any primary weapon and our main form of defence will be a KAP40 pistol with the Tactical Knife attachment.

Then we are loading on as many perks as possible so you will want to pick Wildcards Perk 1 & 2 greed.

That will allow to pick a whopping 5 perks and these will be:

Fast Hands
Cold Blooded

Ghost will help you as you will not be detected by Enemy UAV’s when you are moving.
Lightweight will help you move faster and you will take no damage from falling.
Fast Hands will cause you to flinch less when you get shot.
Cold Blooded will help you stay off the radar even more.
Dexterity will allow you to keep up the pace as you leap over objects or climb ladders.

This loadout is meant to be used very fast and you will have an advantage on speed and surprise. See how many people you can knife you might be surprised.

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