Black Ops 2 ‘Rush’ Pick 10 Beginners Loadout

by admin on January 20, 2013

Black Ops 2 Beginners LoadoutIn this post we will give you another beginner’s loadout that you can use with the Pick 10 system. This one is focused on speed of movement, toughness, ease of use and surprise.

Black Ops 2 ‘Rush’ Pick 10 Beginners Loadout

The reason it is recommended as a beginner’s loadout is because it will work best when you don’t know the maps and you are not very fond of cover. So if you find yourself rushing about like a mad man it should work well for you.

The main element you have with this loadout is surprise and you will be superfast as you have Lightweight and Extreme Conditioning. You also have Toughness that will help you last a lot longer in combat.

Who Is This Loadout For?

This loadout is for people that have either just picked up the game or that cannot seem to stay alive no matter what they do. There is little or no finesse about this loadout and it is not the best way to get those score streaks, however that said if you are going to rush about and hope for the best this is the loadout to do it with.

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