Black Ops 2 ‘Peacekeeper’ Weapon Loadout

by admin on January 30, 2013

Peacekeeper LoadoutThis post will give you a few ideas on how to use the Peacekeeper and some of the perks and Wildcards we suggest.

Basically the Peacekeeper apart from being a new weapon in BO2 it is also a perfect weapon for the new maps and the best way to sum it up is that it is a slightly under powered SMG with longer range.

You can optimize it a little to get more of a kick from it as this loadout will give you:

Black Ops 2 ‘Peacekeeper’ Weapon Loadout

You have Primary gunfighter that will allow you to get 3 attachments on the weapon.

You also have Perk 1 Greed as a wildcard that will allow you to take 2 Perk 1′s.

For the perks you have Flak jacket which will mean you take less damage from explosives.

You also have Toughness that helps you use all equipment and grenades faster and the best thing is that you will be able to throw grenades back.

Tactical Mask is there as most of these maps have locations that are fairly in close and you need some protection against all of the Flash bangs flying about.

I have been using this loadout for the Peacekeeper and it works very well – obviously tweak it as you see fit but this is a good starting place if you have just downloaded the DLC and looking for a few pointers.

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