Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gameplay Tips To Make You A Better Player And Unstoppable!

by admin on January 17, 2013

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 TipsIn this post we are giving you some more tips that will (hopefully) make you a better player on Black Ops 2. This is a more advanced selection of multiplayer tips and if you are just starting out read these beginner tips first and these multiplayer tips.

Still Here?

Good, let us begin with yet more tactics that can mean the difference between being a good player on Black Ops 2 and a great player.

Fastest Way To Learn The Maps

I know we are still beating the maps into you but it really is key that you have the maps down. The quickest way to learn the maps is either to play for hours and hours with your friends. So set up a game with your friends and agree to have a good explore of the maps as you will have a lot more time this way. Of course you can expect your friends to get excited from time to time and decide to kill you but this is to be expected.

Another really fast way to learn the maps and the best weapons as well as the perks is to play online. All you need to do is join a game and keep an eye out for the best player on your team and then stick to them like glue. This is an awesome way to find choke points, vantage points and get to know where you should be to get an advantage.

Another good tip is to take a look at the maps and find the high ground as this will nearly always give you an advantage. If you are fighting someone who is below you it is far harder for them to hit you when you are above them.

Move Like A Soldier

This is another basic but really effective tip and that is to play like you are a soldier! If you were in a war and there were bullets flying would you run out all guns blazing?

No, in most cases you would use cover and not be in one place for two long.

The main way of getting along without getting killed every 2 seconds is to start using cover. You can anything pretty much as cover including walls, boxes etc…

You must also need to check your corners and this is the main difference between experienced players and noobs. Make sure you check your corners when you are entering a room and if it is fairly closed off fire a few shots at the wall where you think someone might be hiding.

This all needs to be done quite quickly but in most cases it will either hit them with the bullets through the wall or provoke a reaction.

Close The Distance

Another aspect of the game is that sometimes you are close to the enemy and then it is quicker to swap to your pistol or your knife and catch them unawares.

This is a small tip but one that could be the difference between living and dying on the field.

On The Move

What if you are caught in a battle and you have the enemy behind you and seek shelter in a room for cover? Have you got time to creep in crouched with the enemy behind you?

No, so the answer in really fast paced gun battles is to get faster!

To do this have a look at how the Special Forces operate!

You can chuck a grenade or Flash bang into the room before you enter.

This will give you a few seconds to react if anyone is in there.

For general tips here are 3 things that will help you in Black Ops 2:

Always Be On The Move: In a gun battle, or whether just moving round the maps be on the move and don’t be obvious.

Aim Before You Shoot: This is a big one! Make sure you actually aim before you fire the gun and be accurate as you can. Aim for the upper chest in most cases and slowly raise the stick/mouse as you do to get those headshots.

Know The Maps And Use Cover: Know the map you are on, the weapon you need and use cover. To learn a map quickly take a look at the best players on your team and stick to them like glue until you learn it!

If you are looking for a complete guide to the multiplayer on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with written and video guides you need to check out >>


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